The data of 39 million French people are for sale on the dark web

A hacker has managed to obtain the personal data of 39 million French people and sell them on the dark web. It appears that the data comes from several sources, not just one.

The data of 39 million French people are for sale on the dark web

Zataz explains that the hacker sells the 39 million French data on a few forums, in addition to the dark web. Damien Bancal, founder of the site, managed to get in touch with the hacker by posing as a potential buyer and thus obtain a free sample. The sample in question consists of 100,000 items.

Data includes first and last names, postal addresses, phone number, email addresses and more. Those present come from all over France. The sample notably contains data from inhabitants of Marseille, Lyon, Paris, Gerzat, Ussel or Le Bourget. There is also French Polynesia with Tahiti in the lot.

A surprising item in the list is the appearance of a “Real Money” column. This term is used for a few uses, including casino sites. It can also be seen in connection with cryptocurrency sites.

It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to future emails, calls and texts. This database could fall into the wrong hands and the buyer could try to trap every French person on the list.