The CIA is said to be working on a large number of crypto projects

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns , admitted to his agency had “a number of projects focused on cryptomonnaies” ongoing – and said his predecessor, Gina Haspel , had “launched” the CIA in the cryptocurrency sphere.

What’s more, the agency would pass “information” in its possession to “other agencies” in the US government, Burns said.

Haspel served as Director of the CIA from 2018 until March of this year, when Burns took over.

At an event hosted by the Wall Street Journal, Burns said :

“I have inherited a number of cryptocurrency projects. We are trying to determine the degree of consequences at the second and third level and help our colleagues in the United States government provide solid information on what we are doing. also observe. “

Burns added that cryptocurrencies could have “a huge impact on a lot of things, including ransomware attacks.” He explained “that one of the means to deter this type of attack is to” undermine the financial networks that a large number of these criminals use and this directly touches on the issue of digital currencies “.
Vice said Mr. Burns’ admission was “hardly surprising given the attention ransomware receives from the government.”

On Twitter, some have argued that the CIA may even have infiltrated social media groups and attempt to exert subtle influence over members of the crypto community.

This admission appears to have breathed new life into the years-old conspiracy theory that the CIA may be Satoshi Nakamoto or have played a role in the creation of Bitcoin (BTC).

Others have noted that the appeal of cryptocurrency may be too strong for some agents.

On Reddit, some have speculated that the agency may be involved in some private cryptocurrency:

“The CIA absolutely wants to know how the money is laundered and spent. So any coins that present themselves as ‘safer than the rest’ are certainly those of the CIA.”

Elsewhere on Reddit, another asked :

“Did anyone still have doubts that the CIA was working in the crypto industry?”