Price increase for Netflix in France

It will hurt: the FAQ of the Netflix support service now specifies the next price changes on subscriptions in France, and this time all subscriptions will be on the rise, including the basic Essential plan which goes from 7.99 to 8.99 euros per month.

The Standard plan goes from 11.99 euros to 13.49 euros per month, and the Premium takes the plunge, from 15.99 euros to 17.99 euros per month. We are no longer very far from the 20 euros per month, and above all, we are wondering what can justify such a price difference today with many competitors (Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV +, HBO Max).

Netflix increases its prices in France

Price increase for Netflix in France

The increase in prices at Netflix in France does not change to the packages strictly speaking. The Essential offer still offers viewing in SD quality on a screen. With the Standard offer, customers still have the right to HD / Full HD and the ability to use one account on two devices at the same time. Finally, we find 4K and use of one account on four devices at a time with the Premium offer.

This price increase follows the tariff evolution underway for several months in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. For now, these successive price increases have not really had an impact on the total number of subscribers worldwide, but Netflix has still lost subscribers in the United States in the last quarter (which is a first). Pulling too much on the rope says the adage …