China did not like the accusations against it coming from the United States and its allies in connection with the Microsoft Exchange cyberattack. The country has decided to deny and tackle the United States.

“This action is trumped up and turns the facts upside down. This is a campaign of denigration and pressure totally motivated by political reasons, ” reacted Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for Chinese diplomacy. “Praising others does not whiten you,” said the spokesperson during a press briefing. “The United States is the main source of cyberattacks in the world,” he added.

The Chinese embassy in Canberra earlier accused Australia of “repeating like a parrot” American rhetoric. “As everyone knows, the United States has shamelessly conducted large-scale and indiscriminate covert eavesdropping in many countries around the world, including its allies. They are the world champions of malicious cyber attacks ”.

Yesterday, the United States, the European Union, Great Britain, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, NATO and Canada, in separate press releases, called on China to act “to responsible manner ”in cyberspace. All of this is about malicious cyber activity. This follows a Microsoft Exchange cyber attack that took place in the spring and targeted several companies.