Ethereum (ETH) developer calls on community to test merge

An Ethereum (ETH) developer called on the community to test the merge – this is the ‘merge’ of the Ethereum mainnet with the new proof-of-stake-based consensus mechanism ( PoS) from the beacon chain – and the start of the new program seems to have been successful.

“Ethereum needs you to test the Fusion,” urged the meme accompanying developer Marius van der Wijden’s post announcing this new program.

The developer noted shortly after the release on November 29 that the “program is already off to a good start, we have over 150 participants. And the first documents have already been written.”

According to the published document, the program should be “self-managed”, and it is unpaid. Participants can decide how much time and effort they want to spend on it, but “every little bit counts.”

Three tracks are presented to serve as a starting point, but it is not necessary to follow them:

Users: People without technical knowledge could perform tasks such as building consensus and a customer execution layer, reporting obscure points and failures, writing documentation, etc. .
Technical: People with a technical background that is not primarily Ethereum / blockchain focused could make deposits, run their own validator, deploy and test contracts, set up their own test networks, etc.
Highly technical: people with very technical blockchain training could review codes and specifications, write tools to visualize the merger and show forks, propose invalid blocks, etc.

Participants should document their work as it goes and share it online. Mr. Wijden also invites them to join the Ethereum R&D Discord channel , used by kernel developers to discuss technical matters.

As noted , the merger is expected to take place in May or June of next year. The necessary code could be completed by February.