Cyber attack in the United States: Russia accused of being responsible

A major cyber attack has been targeting the United States for the past few months and Russia is “probably” behind it. At least, that’s what the FBI, the Internal Intelligence Directorate, the NSA and the Cisa are saying.

The investigation concluded that an “adversary, probably of Russian origin, is responsible for most of the recently discovered intrusions into government and non-government computer networks.” US intelligence believes that “it was and still is a spy operation.” There would be no reason for this to be an attempt to sabotage infrastructure.

“We are taking all necessary measures to assess the scale of this operation and respond to it,” the groups said.

Also according to the intelligence services, a dozen government agencies were targeted by the cyberattack, which is believed to be of Russian origin. There is no information regarding the agencies in question. But several ministries have already reported intrusions. This is particularly the case with the State Department, Foreign Trade Department, the Treasury and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The cyber attack on the United States began in March. Hackers benefit from an update to monitoring software developed by SolarWinds. It is used by tens of thousands of businesses and governments around the world. The cyberattack continued for months before it was discovered in December by FireEye. He himself has been the victim of cyber attacks. For its part, Microsoft recently revealed that Russian hackers were able to analyze its source code.